AMD vs NVidia: Battle of the Beasts


It is in the air as I already told you but there is something that no one will tell, at least not anyone that I know.

Yes, we all want to mine cryptocurrencies and want to earn big and have a lavish lifestyle, but have you ever given a thought about it seriously? Do you think you can just get any GPU and you will be ready to mine coins worth hundreds of dollars per day?

It is just something you wish or you believe but certainly not true in most cases.

If you could answer me just one question I would believe that you actually know about mining. If you don’t make sure you read the article and get to know some real stuff about crypto mining.

“Which is the best graphic card for mining? AMD or NVIDIA?”

AMD vs Nvidia

Ohhhhhhh! You couldn’t make it? Move on and read what I have to tell you about both of these card manufacturers.

You can either go for AMD or NVIDIA and that’s perfectly your choice. But whereas a right decision can get you filthy rich, a wrong one can bankrupt you in just no time.

Previously the only way these cards were used was their usage in the fields of gaming, video editing and server applications but now they have all turned out to be a new dimension of hardware, thanks to cryptocurrency and its boom!

Now these graphic cards are being used as powerful processing hardware for crypto-mining by receiving and providing data on request. Similarly, they are one block of the huge blockchain network. The faster they work, the more you earn! As far as buying them is concerned, you need to look for the one that has the better mining efficiency as per your requirements.

They aren’t by any means equal. They are quite different in their build, performance and price as well. You may get across someone who would be telling you that this particular GPU is so powerful that it can produce 4k HD graphics at 60 FPS. Don’t get convinced at all. What graphic ability has to do with the mining efficiency?
Absolutely Nothing!
You to consider a lot many things too in case you want to get the best results!

Before I get too much carried away, lets dive into the comparison between AMD mining and NVIDIA Mining.

AMD vs NVIDIA; what you should consider? 

If you want me to just enlist the factors that you to take a look at before you make a choice, then they are the appropriate GPU, CPU processing, RAM, power supply and above all the cost of power supply.

All these factors contribute and if they are what they should be, then you get the fastest return on investment (ROI). These factors have already been discussed in detail in our separate article on the best graphic cards for mining.

AMD Mining; what is so great about it?

AMD Mining | Reviews Done Right

You would have heard a lot about how good AMD graphics card work in mining from your fellows and also from geeks on the web. Do you know what actually makes them so or are you just following others blindly without knowing if it would work the same for you or not?
Let’s see why AMD graphic cards are such a big hit in cryptocurrency mining.

Low risk: It is not about the fact that AMD are cheaper so even if things don’t work out, you are having a lesser chance of getting nailed by it. It is also due to the fact that the crypto currencies that are supported by AMD for mining have shown somewhat regular trends in their price changes while those supported by NVIDIA have not been that promising. Take the best example of Bitcoin. You would have seen how unprofitable it has been for investors in the last 6 months.

Lower Prices:  It is a general trend in cards with similar benchmarks. AMD has always been and will continue to be a cheaper option for buyers than NVIDIA. The sole reason being that NVIDIA cards are much more developed to address the gaming market while AMD focuses on everything but gaming. This is why AMD has low ROI periods and generates profits faster.

Best for Ethereum: Whatever you may say, but no NVIDA card can match the brilliance of AMD GPUs in mining Ethereum which is on a large basis, a much better option than Bitcoin. Many people just go for AMD due to its promising record in mining Ethhash based coins.

You can tweak it as you wish! AMD GPUs are actually made for mining. You don’t need the 60 FPS feature? Okay fine, AMD can use that raw power in mining too. Hence, anything you don’t need in mining, AMD GPU will use that to get the fastest clock rates and also power saving at the best. It actually makes sure that every cent you invest counts.

Nvidia Mining; is the big guy still good?

Nvidia Mining | Reviews Done Right

Big guy? Yes NVIDIA has been the big guy since the last decade in GPUs and is also one of the most obvious choices if you have the budget it demands.
But do you really think that it has been the same till now? Or there is something what makes it the best for mining? Let’s see.

Efficiency at its best: You supply power and NVIDIA makes sure that not a single watt goes for nothing. It isn’t as power hungry as the AMD ones and it is even more power saving as it optimized operations by overclocking and constant cooling. In the long run, all this efficiency means that you have reduced a few weeks from the ROI time period.

Takes in power but nothing bad comes out: NVIDIA cards take in energy and mine the coins. But, energy never comes out in any way whether it be the sound or heat. You are running it overclocked, the heat is produced and is constantly cancelled by the effective fan systems. You might ask what about the noise of the fans? They are optimized in a way that even at the highest speeds, they give off no or minimal noise.

You can choose from a huge range: Just as AMD is only limited to Ethhash based coins, there isn’t any limits in the NVIDIA. It can be used to mine any coin with any algo with equal efficiency and returns. You can choose your grounds and see what they bring to you. It is often regarded as the best GPU for equihash mining.

Profits in either way: You keep it with you, you get the best returns as NVIDIA effectively mines all the coins regardless of how difficult they are you mine.  It might set longer ROI periods but I can ensure you that the wait is worth it.
And if in a case that you want to resell it, you can sell it to anyone. Just consider how much NVIDIA is loved by gamers and Visual specialists. You won’t have this liberty with AMD GPUs.

Conclusion: AMD Vs NVIDIA?

Conclusion is what I really don’t enjoy giving. It is just that not algos are limited to a single of them. You can get different results or maybe same results for different cards. I mean it is such a vast market that the trends can’t be set.

As a thumb rule, for Ethash mining, go for AMD and for Equihash based cards, of course NVIDIA against all odds. In the other case, remember that NVIDIA can offer you a large number of coins to mine but most of them are of relatively low value. On the other hand, AMD bags all the big guns. So, before choosing your card, you need to choose your coin.

AMD vs Nvidia mining | Reviews Done Right

Once you choose the right coin, then sit down with a calculators and see which of the types will provide you the best and fastest Return on Investment (ROI) as it is all about getting the best profits and returns on your investments in shorter time.

Conclusively, if you are entering mining, get your calculation correct and research deeply unless you really want to stumble your way through.


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