Best Graphics Cards For Mining In 2019: Top GPUs Reviewed


Do you know about Best Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019? No? Well, worry not.

Just see what the air around you is like nowadays. I can’t even walk without hearing the word cryptocurrency or mining. So many people are into it that I sometimes feel I need to go back 6-7 years and buy as much bitcoins as possible. This feels so great; investing thousands and getting millions!

Wake up and come back to the real world. You are also one of the stricken from the world of cryptocurrency and you are also looking for the best graphic cards for mining and that too in a low price.

Sometimes I can’t figure out what a person wants actually as a buyer. It seems like they are looking to buy gold at the price of potatoes. You want one of the best graphic cards for mining 2018 that too under budget?

Can you seriously think that investing 500$ in a mining gpu will earn you this much in a day? No, it won’t. To get the best you need to buy the best at first!

Unfortunately, not many people know what the best gpu for mining would look like or what it should they be looking for in it when they are buying it. No issues still! Just read through the buyer’s guide by Reviews Done Right and you’ll be done with it!

What to look for in the best mining gpu in 2019?

Frankly speaking, you don’t need the advice from your computer technician at office nor you need to consult “fake gurus” of cryptocurrency mining to help you understand what the best graphic card will look like. What you do need is some solid information that aims at telling you the truth, so you get what you deserve.

  • Energy efficient: Your gpu needs to be energy efficient in the best manner. You can’t expect to pay more bills than you are earning in original. So, for this reason go for the brands that are recommended even if they are expensive. Because the ROI in their case will be better.
    And if you wish to save your money and cut expenses, I can’t tell you surely if you will be able to break even or not in terms of profit.
    This scenario is highly important if the price of a unit of electricity is higher than normal. You SHOULD be going for energy efficiency in that case. Mostly NVIDIA is credited to produce the best graphic cards for mining.
  • Lowest Possible Return on Investment(ROI): It has to be critically as low as possible. But ideally, it hasn’t remained as low now as during the past few months, the number of people that have took on to mining cryptocurrency has increased exponentially. While you could have heard people of talking about the ROI to be 60 days in the same month in 2017, it is over 200 days now in the best cases.
    While buying a graphic card for mining, we advise you not to go for the worst case!
  • Durability: There are many options for you. You can buy a graphic card that is solely designed to serve your needs of mining or you can look for the one that is a gaming mining card.
    This will serve both the purposes. In terms of durability, you should opt the dedicated mining graphics card as it will definitely last longer.
    However, I will personally recommend you buy a graphic card for mining and gaming. You might be surprised to know it, but you will get to know why I am saying so very shortly.
  • Hashrates: After ROI, the most important factor is the mining hashrates of the graphic cards for mining. You should obviously go for the one with the best mining hashrate as it will yield more and more profits.
    In fact, hashrate is directly linked with the ROI you could have in a graphics card. The larger the hashrate of a graphics card, the lesser ROI it will have and vice versa.
  • Brand of the Graphics card: There aren’t a huge number of graphics cards in the market, but you will be crooked when you get to buy one. The question of “NVIDIA Vs AMD” will just shatter your decision power.
    What I recommend is, that see what is the quality of the sale service is like in your area of a particular brand and how much warranty are they offering. Only then select the one that suits you!
  • Resale value:  You might not be considering to sell your mining graphic card in a short time, but you should keep it in mind always as circumstances aren’t the same always.
    For example, if the crypto mining bubble bursts in short time, then you will need to sell the graphics card at a good resale price.
    But what if you have a dedicated mining graphics card that is good for nothing else but mining.
    Are you recalling something? This is why I recommended a graphics card that has both the ability to be a mining graphics card and a gaming graphics card at the same time!

What you can expect to turn out from Cryptocurrency mining?

This a very fundamental question that you need to answer before you look for buying the best gpu for mining. You must be crystal clear about why are you doing it.
While the motives may vary person to person, but you can always tell some of the major ones. Once you answer this question, you will be in a better position to decide what is the best for you.

Best Graphics Cards for Mining 2018: Top GPUs Reviewed


Mining at the Highest Hashrates?

Put in some good amount of money in setting up a mining rig and you will get higher hashrates and obviously maximum profits.
But, do you know what, such a rig will cost you over 50 thousand dollars which is a hefty amount. Also, it will require you to set up a complete new circuit system that could hold such large amount of electricity. Also, after all the investments and setups, you will need to wait for almost 3-4 years for the machine to show any ROI. It will break even very late as it will need huge money for it.
But wait, are you going to set it all up?
Are you thinking that you can wait for 3-4 years?

I have a question for you.
Are you sure that the scenarios will remain the same till then?

If not, then you should be looking at the graphic cards with the highest hashrates. And leave price and the cost of electricity to one side for a moment as you can work all the three factors at one time.

Mining for the maximum profits!
Can you determine it with accuracy that which graphic card will be the best for you in terms of the best profits?
Yes, you can , but as in any business venture, you need some thorough study and intensive research on all that you need in it.
And you will be requiring huge deal of cash in case you wish to get the best mining graphics card in terms of profits. You need the fastest hashrates, lowest power consumption, highest return of investment in sample time and the highest resale value. You can install them in a rig of yours and can use them till they practically run out, or you can just keep on upgrading them each year to stay the best equipped.
And for all that research, don’t refer to YouTube gurus but rather keep on reading the article as you are doing now.
Mining and The FUN FACTOR!

If you just ask me, it is my comfort zone. Just buy what you can afford from what we prescribe you and then just see if you can get the best out of your hardware or not.
I had more success this way then by getting tensed about the mounting expenses and the hashrates.

If you happen to earn something from it, what could be more better!

If not, jeez! Next try should be following very soon!


NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti – The Coolest Graphic Card For Mining

NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - The coolest graphic card for mining

If you are interested in some serious levels of mining ability that too in a framework which is not only energy efficient but is also designed to produce optimal results, then I would suggest that you buy NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.
It is equipped with one of the latest Pascal Technologies by NVIDIA and is credited to be one of the coolest cards by NVIDIA. This obviously makes it the best choice for gaming as well as crypto mining. If you are a gamer, then its high flowing graphics at 60 FPS is what you will absolutely love.
And guess what, it is reported to have the highest hashrates too!
It’s a win-a-win situation!


  • A lot better than Titan X: Many will argue that GTX 1080 Ti is just an addition to the 2016 version of Titan X. I don’t think that it is the case. If you observe the specs of both cards, you will see that Titan X is built to be a gaming graphics card as there wasn’t much demand for a graphic card for other usage in 2016.
    But, GTX 1080 Ti is a graphic card that is designed to serve a whole new range of uses. It can be used as mining gpu as well as a VR graphic card. And the list doesn’t end here even. You can use it in any way you like!
  • High data speeds mean higher hashrates! GTX 1080 Ti is the best graphic card for mining as it has the highest data speeds. Even much higher that Titan X by NVIDIA. This obviously means that the data is sent fast from VRAM and is processed much faster than any other graphic card.
    The average hashrates to be reported by GTX 1080 Ti are 30Mh/s which is far better than any other card in the market.
  • Best cooling systems among mining GPUs: When you see GTX 1080 Ti achieving such high data speeds and getting out so much from the mining process, you might expect to have a shorter life due to wearing out.
    You are thinking in that right direction, but your thoughts aren’t right by any way. GTX 1080 Ti is equipped with the best cooling fans for a mining graphics card and has a better power system too than any other card in the market.
    On the whole it is a smoother and cooler mining GPU!
  • High clock speed and VRAM ensuring faster mining: While the data speed contribute to make the hashrate increase directly, VRAM is something that is often not considered which is a bad mistake.
    If you have a VRAM that is high enough as per standards, only then your data speeds will hit the thresholds you want them too. If you ask me, a graphic card for mining should have a VRAM of 10 GB and that too GDDR5X one.
    Fortunately, GTX 1080 is equipped with a 11 GB VRAM that is one of the fastest in category of mining GPUs. Same is the case with clock speed which also amounts to 11 GB per second with a 11 GB buffer too. Also keep in mind that this clock speed is many folds faster than all other graphics cards.



  • It has got the highest hashrates and has the ability to process data ten times faster than a normal graphic card.
  • GTX 1080 Ti is equipped with upgraded cooling fans that ensure faster, smoother and cooler mining.
  • The price it comes with is quite nominal as compared to its efficiency as a graphic card for mining. It has an average ROI of 120 days.



  • It has an effective cooling system as an individual graphic card, but if you are looking to set up your own mining rig, then you should look for alternative cooling options too.


AMD Radeon RX 480 – The Best Mining GPU by AMD

AMD Radeon RX 480 - The best mining GPU by AMDAfter I have taken you through the best NVIDIA has to offer in terms of mining GPUs, here is what AMD is offering.

Frankly speaking, AMD Radeon RX 480 isn’t that good as the GTX 1080 Ti but still it covers a lot of aspects of a good graphics card for mining. It is fast, it is cool and above all it is very cheap too.
Surprisingly, it wasn’t originally manufactured with an aim to serve the markets of the crypto mining industry, but it turned out to be one of the most loved ones later on.

If you don’t have enough budget to afford the GTX 1080 Ti or you want to just start crypto mining as a novice to see if it suits you or not, Radeon RX 480 is what you should be looking for!


  • Efficiency with lowest possible power consumption: Crypto mining has only one drawback in my view. You are earning handsome which is absolutely fine, but the operational costs keep on mounting as you try to earn more and more. There are the costs of power consumption as mining rigs use up a lot of power.
    There is also the cost of cooling appliances as keeping the environment cool is the only way you can elongate the life of your GPUs. But, what if I tell you that you can have a mining graphic card that doesn’t need any of it?
    Yes Radeon RX 480 doesn’t require any coolers or specific mechanism to lower power dissipation as it operates on 14nm processing rather than the 28nm one.
    It is super economical!
  • Clock speeds and hashrates: We aren’t saying that GTX 1080 Ti is not better than Radeon RX 480, but if you consider what both of these cards are offering in their price ranges, you will see that RX 480 is a quite good option for those with low budgets.
    It has a clock speed of about 1,120MHz and a boost speed of 1,266MHz which means that it has an average hashrate. By average we mean hashrates of 25+Mh/s which is quite a decent figure.
  • Power saving features: One thing that makes Radeon RX 480 too good for crypto mining is that it doesn’t need a large amount of power to function. You would have noticed that most mining GPUs are expected to use a lot of power and thus cost huge in terms of operating costs.
    AMD Radeon RX 480 is unique in a sense that it only requires 150W to work. At such a power and a hashrate of 25Mh/s on average, you shouldn’t expect a high electricity bill.
  • Liquid Cooling Technology: An average life of a graphic card being used for mining is just a few years even if you keep on upgrading it. The reason is that the amount of heat produced is so much that the transistors either burn out with time or get slow due to wearing out.
    The only way this life can be increased is by adding cooling fans to the setup which again requires good deal of budget.
    It is fine if you are working on a large scale, so the operating costs will be balanced by the amount of revenue generated. But, on a small scale, this is highly unfavorable. Radeon RX 480 is a better choice for small scale miners because it is installed with high-end liquid cooling technology that ensures that the heat stays in check.
  • Optimized mining features: AMD boasts of Radeon RX 480 to be capable of 5.8TFLOPs trillion floating-point operations per second which is far better than any other mining graphic card in the same price range. This feature added with the clock speed makes the hashrate as good as GTX 1080 Ti in optimal cases.
  • Customizable VRAM: While we discussed how VRAM of GTX 1080 Ti contributes to its optimal performances, you should keep in mind that it all depends on the scale which you are mining at. If you wish to mine at a large scale, it’s advised that you for GTX 1080 Ti. However, if you are just trying if mining works for you or not, you can choose the customizable Radeon RX 480 that can have a 4GB or an 8GB RAM as per your requirements.



  • If you are a miner at a small scale, Radeon RX 480 is the best graphic card for mining that you can ever get with a whole range of mining aided features.
  • Under the price tag of 300$, Radeon RX 480 is the fastest and the coolest mining GPU for you.
  • Radeon RX 480 can also be used as a gaming graphic card and has a considerable resale value even if the crypto mining bubble bursts.



  • AMD Radeon RX 480 is feature enriched, but it isn’t highly recommended if you want to work on a large scale. Its hashrates aren’t that competitive and it falls way short of other mining GPUs that are used commercially.
  • A mining GPU is meant to work for maximum hours without wearing out or burning out. It is fine with Radeon Rx 480, but one problem remains unaddressed i.e. the immense noise it emits while working in a mining rig especially.


NVidia GeForce Titan X Pascal – Latest Graphic Card For Mining

NVidia GeForce Titan X Pascal - Latest Graphic card for mining

If someone would like me to describe NVIDIA Titan X in one word for him, I would say, “fastest”.
Same is the case with its abilities as a mining GPU. It is one of the fastest and also the latest graphic cards that were designed to server usage other than gaming too.
In terms of visual experience, Titan X has defeated the GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition in all of the benchmarks.

However, a mining graphic card needs something more than just speed and display is totally irrelevant. You don’t need a 4k display but you would be more interested in hashrates of 30Mh/s.
So for this, let’s analyze the features of NVIDIA Titan X Pascal as a mining GPU.


  • The fastest hashrates and clock speeds: Titan X is no doubt the fastest graphic cards on earth if you exclude the latest Titan V. It is installed with 3840 CUDA cores over 30 GPU microprocessor which makes data speed just the way you would like in mining.
    This speed combined with the 12 GB RAM(the most you can get) constitutes to produce an average hashrate of 28Mh/s and a maximum hashrate of 30Mh/s and sometimes even more.
    If you don’t know how it is good, just consider that it is as important as 60 FPS display in gaming.
  • Pascal architecture boost: In mining, it isn’t all about speed. It is also about consistency as how fast your graphic card can serve data and for how long. While most graphic cards mine at high hashrates, their performance does decrease over time owing to excessive use and transistor level damage.
    Titan X is an exception to this phenomenon. It is installed with Pascal architecture that provides a framework for the GPU to function. Even when mining at high hashrates, Pascal controls the flow of data and monitors the internal environment of the GPU to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
    Such processing is reported to increase the life of the graphic card significantly.
  • The price factor: Price is the biggest issue with the buyers especially when they are introduced to Titan X. I myself heard people ask why Titan X is so expensive?
    Well, if you are looking to enter the world of crypto mining and are looking at making over a grand per month, then the investment of Titan X isn’t much of an issue.
    However, if you are just someone hovering around and checking out possibilities, there are cheaper alternatives for you too!
  • GPC integration with Pascal Architecture: This isn’t just all of Titan X yet. It is also featured with 6 graphics processing clusters (GPCs) that add up 3584 extra processors into the Pascal framework. As already discussed, this enables data speeds to cross over 12GB per second which is one unit more than the GTX 1080 Ti.
  • Vapor Cooling Mechanism:  If you look at Titan X, it has a cooling system that is quite identical to the GTX 1080 Ti. It is designed in a way that all the parts of the cards are kept cool including the memory circuits and the voltage control chips.
    Another feature that wasn’t available in GTX 1080 Ti was the presence of vapor cooling technology which absorbs heat via a vapor chamber encircling the main GPU.



  • If you want the fastest and a graphic card with most optimal settings for crypto mining, Titan X is the one you should be looking for.
  • Titan X is installed with Pascal architecture framework that sets in a kind of autopilot mode for maintenance and operations. You don’t need to worry about cooling setups or to monitor if you are having regular performance or not.
  • Titan X overperforms than its marked benchmarks too in optimal conditions.



  • Titan X is installed with GP 102 silicon processors on the Pascal Framework to make it more efficient, but they aren’t fully functional in most scenarios.
  • You can’t get an excessive number of Titan X from any store as the production is controlled and limited. For setting up a rig, you need to order to NVIDIA itself.


AMD RX 580 – Best Budget Graphic Card For Mining

AMD RX 580 - Best budget graphic card for mining

If you go through the specifications of AMD RX 580, you will observe that it hasn’t much of what a mining GPU should have!
But, there is something that makes it the best option to be used in mining rigs of large sizes. Just think if you want to have a mining rig of your own, will you go for the most expensive one or the cheapest one?

If you are a novice, I can bet that you will go for the cheapest one as buying more will lure you to forego quality at some stage. You will like to have 5 mining GPUs than having one Titan V which is quite understandable as they both may be performing the same, but the risk factor gets distributed in the case of RX 580.
This is why the buyer likes to have a rig of RX 580 in SLI configuration than a Titan V doing the same job.

Here is what AMD has to offer you in RX 580 as one of the best mining graphic cards in 2018.


  • Radeon Chill: If you are planning to form a rig of RX 580s and want an advice regarding a cooling setup, I won’t give you any. While the giants from NVIDIA are very good in terms of performance, AMD graphic cards are also a great match in the field of crypto mining due to their awesome cooling systems.
    RX 580 is equipped with Radeon Chill cooling technology that reduces the heat produced during high load mining operations. But, on the other hand it doesn’t has something like Pascal Architecture that could avoid the wear and tear at transistor level.
  • Idle and low load management: Frame rates are highly recommended to achieve higher hashrates but when the card isn’t mining or is working at very low load, excessive frame rates may cause intense amount of heat to be produced irrespective of workload.
    RX 580 is manufactured in a way that it regulates the hashrates and frame rates to lower the amount of heat produce and keeps the card safe from overheating or over working.
  • Processor count: Radeon RX 580 is equipped with 2304 stream processors that produce data speeds of over 8GB per second. This might seem less to most of the people, but you need to consider a fact that RX 580 is famous for its usage as a mining graphic card for mining rigs but not as a mining GPU in single. Once it is joined with the others in a rig, you will see how the whole mining configuration works better than any GPU in single.
  • RAM and Hashrates: Radeon RX 580 is equipped with an 8GB DDR5 efficient VRAM that works quite well in what it is used for. As far as the hashrates are concerned, RX 580 is reported to hit the mark of 25Mh/s quite easily and quite often.
  • Pricing and Support: Radeon RX 580 comes with 3 Years free Registration at XFX graphic support that includes all kinds of setups and assistance in case of malfunctioning. Also, XFX professionals are ready 24/7 for maintenance and support calls.
    And all this of features don’t require you a huge amount of money. If you see what RX 580 is offering you, you will see that the price is the least they could have offered.



  • RX 580 is one of the best graphic cards for mining if you are looking to use it in a mining rig configuration.
  • AMD RX 580 is equipped with Radeon Chill cooling that optimizes the performance while keeping the card cool in all conditions.
  • In its price range, RX 580 has the best hashrates and an ROI of 180 days which is quite agreeable.



  • Speed is where RX 580 may lack. By speed, I mean the operational speed not the hashrates etc.
  • While RX 580 is highly efficient in terms of power consumption and energy dissipation at low load, its performance at high loads leave a question mark of its choice.


AMD RX Vega 56 – Best Mining Graphic Card Under Budget 

AMD RX Vega 56 - Best mining graphic card under budget

Do you know about RX Vega 64?

RX Vega 56 is just its twin. They look like the same and are thought to work like the same too. But why would AMD launch one card with two different names?
It is just insane to do so. So, let’s see what makes them distinct to each other as well as to other graphic cards in the market.


  • RAM and hashrates: RX Vega 56 is just the kind of card that has the absolute balance among specifications and price. You will notice that it works at average, costs average and above all it also earns you average amounts. So, there is nothing you need to panic about.
    It has a decent hashrate of 26Mh/s and a VRAM of 8GB that makes it a suitable pick for novices.
  • Less power consumption: RX Vega 56 is also a good option for those who are low on budget and want to reduce their operational costs by all means as it is installed with a 210-watt TDP card, which consumes less power than the 295-watt TDP card as in RX Vega 64. This also means that it will give off much less heat and will be easier to manage at small scale.
  • Temperature and Cooling Systems: As already discussed, you can’t expect a mining graphic card, manufactured by AMD to lack in cooling or heat dissipation. Same as the others, RX Vega 56 is far cooler than all the graphic cards in its price range and is also long lasting in terms of age.
    The reason behind it for being cool can also be a TDP card of lower power.
  • Vega GPU Architecture: AMD engineers vow to introduce a wide architectural update in RX Vega 56 called the Vega GPU architecture that connects the GPU to all the other parts such as the cooling circuit, voltage circuit etc. This is one step closer by AMD to produce cards that can host more than one GPU.
    In fact, AMD is moving towards mining rigs built in a mining graphic card in future!



  • RX Vega 56 is the best choice for a novice in my view. It offers all the necessary specs in the lowest possible price.
  • RX Vega is the first card from AMD that has a compact connection all through the card thus making it more long lasting in life and efficient.
  • If you like to have something that looks great in sight, RX Vega 56 is what you should look for. Its black chassis design is love for its users.



  • RX Vega 56 wants to compete GTX 1070, but it cannot match it’s class and fell short.
  • RX Vega 56 is installed with GDDR5 VRAM that isn’t as fast as the GDDR5X one in its competitors at NVIDIA.


What is the best graphics card for mining?

It all finally comes down to one thing. How much money do you have to invest in crypto mining. If you are looking for the best graphic card for crypto mining with a grand in your pocket, go for GTX 1080 Ti edition and you will get whatever you wish for. If you have less money, AMD counterparts also work quite well.
But if you are too ambitious in it, Titan X is there waiting for you!



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