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Drones aren’t just meant to carry parcels for you or for recording of sights which you can’t see otherwise. You will be soon seeing them in the Need for speed as using them as racing drones is getting more and more common. Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done Right

I have noticed that not many people know why you need to have the best racing drones for yourself let alone knowing about the use of them in racing altogether.

Racing drones were first used in Australia in 2014 and have grown to an extent that the 2016 Dubai FPV drone racing ended up giving away one million dollars as the prize. So you can imagine how profitable they can be to you in case you win a drone race. Not only this, but the experts have predicted the drone racing industry to rise up to 4 Billion dollars by 2020 and 12 billion dollars by 2025.


Coming to the reason why you are reading this, you must be in search of the best drone for FPV drone racing. If you see, this won’t be a famous search a few years back, but now everyone wants to give it a try.
Let’s come to what question you would have in mind regarding to drone racing or buying the right drone.

Do you need a license to take part in drone racing?

I don’t know what the regulations might be in other countries but if you are from US, you don’t necessarily need a FCC license. The drones that you are buying all come with a de facto certification by the authorities that ensure that they are tailor made for racing and other personal uses. However, if you want to add something more to it in order to get the best, you need to get a license which isn’t much of an issue.

Just file the request for it and you may get it in a few hours if you are lucky enough!

What you need to look for in a Racing Drone?

It isn’t that you can go to the market or some online store, buy the drone that YOU think is the best and just go to take part in a competition. Believe me, you won’t lie anywhere near distinction even in the worst cases. If you are a novice and want to take it on seriously, read through to see what you need to consider especially.

1. A good Drone must have a good Camera:

It is all about how well you can see and move through in the air. You need to have the clearest vision and the best visibility even when it isn’t working out for the others. If you want me to mention the lowest threshold, it should be around 700TVL to 800TVL. I can assure you that once you get such a camera in your drone, you will be totally at ease with sight. Now move on to other factors.

2. Weight does matter !

Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done RightWeight is something that is just crucial for your performance. Consider yourself flying a boulder kinda drone with a huge weight while others are racing with lightweight ones that are flying much faster.

Do you know why?
The sole reason being that they have better balance and most of the energy they are using is ending up as acceleration while in your case that energy is hardly lifting you for long. I think you have got a rough idea of how your drone should be in terms of weight.

3. Display options – Goggles vs LCD monitors:

Once you are done with the weight and the right camera on your drone, you need to see what display option will you prefer to receive and display signals from your camera. There are actually two options. Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done Right
While the goggles will be providing you high quality FPV display, you can see a much bigger picture on LCD monitors.

However, Goggles can be a lot more expensive than the LCDs. But the money does pay for itself later on when you get to enjoy the best video transition and First-Person View display using them. You can enjoy the video feeds with next to zero distractions and who can forget the actual thrill that gets involved.

For a professional drone racer, goggles with digital head tracking is the best option to cross the mark triumphantly.

4. The batteries – Get the best ones!

Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done RightAs a professional drone racer, you can enjoy it in all of the worst scenarios but not without a quality battery. The best battery for drones should have the highest possible power retention features and fastest charging rates as well. This is the only way you can stay in air till long. Otherwise, you may get dusted midair only to lose your chance to glory.

Till the time you consider all these factors, you can surely end up with the best racing drone for Drone Racing League or any other competition. Remember, you have to win in any case!


Best Racing drones for you in 2018-You will love each one of them!

There isn’t any best that’s what I always say. However, you can see which is the best for you.

After all, only you know what you need and what can you afford. This is why I have listed down the racing drones that I thought to be the best generally. There are many others, but these ones have the quality, style and performance that a good drone racer loves.



Walkera, the name is as big as the quality they offer. It is one of the first choice of any drone lover whether it be the choice of a good racing drone or some other accessories such as goggles or cameras. Walkera F210 | Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done Right

The best Walkera has to offer you in terms of drones is the Walkera F210 which is just another stylish (that’s the first attribute of every Walkera product) and powerful drone by Walkera.

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It is just another of the very best drones out of the box with very sharp drone racing features and technological innovations that place it far above than its competitors. It isn’t only a product to be used by professionals only. If you are a novice and want to take command with the quality of equipment you have, you should give Walkera F210 a thought.

Walkera F210 is highly recommended for those drone racers that are looking forward to taking part in professional leagues and are looking for a drone that is a perfect mix of quality, style, sharpness, reflexes control and what not. You won’t be disappointed by the choice that you might be going to make just now.


Walkera has been generous enough to provide you with a lot in the package that you will receive. It will have a manual and a starter guide for you to set things up in the first place. The battery included in the package is a 1300mAh 40C battery and is also supported with an XT60 connector.

And what if I tell you, that you will also find a complete toolkit for your drone? It is just a treat of its kind!


Walkera F210 is all plug and play compatible. Even the modular design has an ESC with slotted pin system connecting to the main power board. For your information, there aren’t any wires involved and all connections are chip based or transistor based. You can just open the whole drone up in a few seconds and a few touches with the screwdriver.

Walkera F210 is all made up of high grade carbon fiber that gives it the strength and reduces the weight as well to help it go long distances with less power consumption. The front of the drone is made up of aluminum though to protect the quadcopter in case it crashes which is a frequent incident. The rest of the body reduces the weight while the front is made to be a rigid and strong.

Another very stylish feature of Walker F210 is that it has LEDs both at the front and the rear and that too of different colors.  The rear ones are really important especially if you wish to fly the copter at night. They show whether the drone is carrying anything and also show if the drone is turning or not.


Walkera F210 is equipped with a 700TVL high resolution camera that can also be used at night due to its night vision capabilities. It has a visual range of about 120 degrees and offers visuals at various adjustable angles too. The camera is entitled to produce real-time video transmissions even in times of distortions due to weather and time of the day.

This camera is also installed with high performance photosensitive sensors that automatically adjust the display you get according to the amount of light present in the surroundings. This means you won’t get a blaze in your camera in daytime or dark shadows later on during your flights. This makes Walkera F210 highly recommended for professional racers and hobbyists.


As already mentioned, Walkera F210 is powered by a 4S setup that generated about 14.9 volts or less amount of voltage to be used by the quadcopter. A 4S battery is highly required to tweak the racing drones to their very best. Walkera F210 has a 1300mAh 4S battery that is ready to be installed and used. You don’t need any further installments or adjustments with the battery.

As far as the question, “How far Walkera F210 can fly?” is concerned, it is recorded to go for about 5-10 minutes depending on various factors such as the style of the racer and the tendency to accelerate.


If you know of any other verdict for Walkera F210 than yes, do tell me because I don’t find anything that isn’t needed or is absent in this drone. For a professional racer or a vlogger even, this is just all you need in a drone. So, just go for it.

If not, there are other reviews to come too!



FPV racing is about just two things according to me; size of the quadcopter and its speed. Arris Xspeed 250 | Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done Right

If you would ask me about a drone that works the best in drone racing, I would say it is the one that has the smallest size and the fastest speed. And there is only one of all the drones that fulfills this requirement.

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It is the Arris X-Speed FPV250 which is very small in size and is quite sturdy and strong in its appearance. In terms of speed, it has got a decent top speed and a very regular acceleration which makes it absolutely perfect for drone racing.

However, I won’t recommend it for beginners as it doesn’t come assembled as other drones. As a user, you can either pay a higher price or assemble it all by yourself. If you can’t make head or tail of how a drone is structured, Arris X-Speed FPV250 isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you love to buy a drone with nice set of features and then customize it according to your needs, it is the option for professional drone racers.


As already told, the duty of assembling Arris X-Speed FPV250 lies on you. You might think of buying it at a higher price for your convenience, I can assure you the joy experienced while putting it all by yourself is worth a lot of hard work.

The package consists of 27 different parts it will be extremely confusing for you if you are just a hobbyist with little or no experience with the drones.

Up for the challenge? This drone is definitely for you if you like to mess with a lot of screws and body parts. There is a manual enclosed with the package for daring drone racers as you and you just need to figure out how and where to place the screws.


Arris X-Speed FPV250 is strong. This is all you need to know as it is built with very high-grade materials. The frame is essentially very strong and prone to crashes as it is made up of 1.5 mm carbon fiber.

Why carbon fiber? The reason is that it is much lighter than glass fiber which is a constituent of majority of the drones in the market. This makes it lighter at only 161g which is just the weight a drone needs to have to be superfast.

Not only this but you will see that other than the frame the propellers are also a blend of nylon and carbon fiber. This also adds up a lot of strength to the drone as plastic propellers can get broken at once if they are struck at a nasty angle.

As already discussed, Arris X-Speed FPV250 is a highly customizable drone with plugs and wiring just the same as any other drone in the market. If you wish to work on the drone and improve it for your personal use by adding more and better accessories, you can make changes quite easily.

You can work with the motors, add various cameras or work on with the speed controls too. If you are into a lot of pomp and show while flying especially at night, you can also add up as many LED lights as you wish.


Drone is racing is one aspect and Vlogging is quite another one. But, both of these need to have a camera that can take quality videos for recording or for regular video transmission. Arris X-Speed FPV250 is equipped with a 700 TVL camera that is quite capable of recording quality videos.

If you wish to use the camera for runtime video transmission, you will be happy to know that it has no delays. The instance you wish you can visualize the space around your drone which is a big plus in drone races especially. Another feature that is very helpful for racing a quadcopter is that the camera in Arris X-Speed FPV250 can be adjusted between 0 to 20 degrees according to your requirements.


One drawback of Arris X-Speed FPV250 is that it doesn’t have a battery included in the package. If you ask for batteries that work well with it, then you can go for anyone form 3S 11.1V 1500 mAh to the 2200 mAh. If you add a 3S 2200 mAh battery, the quadcopter will weigh around 554 grams which is quite much. Without battery, it weighs around 390 grams but of course, it can’t fly.

If you don’t consider the weather conditions and the way the racer flies, Arris X-Speed FPV250 can give you a flight time of about 10 minutes which is quite handsome taken into account the weight it has.


As told earlier, Arris X-Speed FPV250 is essentially designed to be a racing drone with a flying time of around 10 minutes. Therefor you can’t experiment with it by adding any payload as it would reduce the payload.

As per the manufacturers, Arris X-Speed FPV250 can easily carry a payload of around 150 grams which is much lighter than a camera. If you add a camera to it, it would reduce the flight time significantly.

Similarly, as the drone is built to suit racers that are beginners, the motors are quite small in terms of size and power. If you want the drone to go faster or you wish to compete in professional races, you can add up to power by buying a better and more powerful motor.


For me, Arris X-Speed FPV250 is just the kind of drone a young and novice drone racer would love. It isn’t as fast to be used in professional drone racing, but you can easily learn a lot and practice with it before you go to much better and faster ones. 



Walkera Rodeo 110 is a tiny and very reflexive racing drone. You can even call it the smallest FPV racing drone that can be used for racing as well as flying indoors. It is also highly recommended for Vlogging or video recording as it has a 5.8GHz video transmission installed to it. Walkera Rodeo 110 | Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done Right

You can even take the drone outdoors for a flight too but be careful about strong winds. As already told, Walkera Rodeo 110 is very small in size therefore it might not stand fast winds in the open. You can however use it for drone racing at lower altitudes and in less wind.

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Either way, Walkera Rodeo 110 is Walkera’s flagship drone for hobbyists that are more inclined to fly a drone indoors rather than outdoor. They don’t need much skill or a lot of expertise in flying for playing around with Walkera Rodeo 110 and can just enjoy their time.


Walkera Rodeo 110 comes in two kinds of packaging i.e. RTF and BNF. The only substantial difference between these two is that RTF is more expensive because it has the DEVO 7 remote control transmitter while BNF lets you save money as you don’t need to get the remote control. This difference is especially if you have a remote controller from some other drone that you can use with the Walkera Rodeo 110.

I suggest you to go with the RTF version because buying a remote controller separately might cost you a little less, but you can end up in having a lot of trouble in just searching for the one that is compatible.


In terms of strength, Walkera Rodeo 110 is just as strong as any drone with a bigger size. I would say it is much stronger as it is engineered in a way to last even after collision with obstacles such as walls or trees. It is manufactured with high-grade 2 mm carbon fiber that makes it a lot sturdy and gives it the ability to absorb shocks. It is well known for its resistance to corrosion, damage and mechanical bruises upon collision.

Not only this but the motors and camera of Walkera Rodeo 110 are saved from any damages caused by collision by a protective cover. Even if still the drone inflicts some damage that can’t be worked out with, you can easily ask the manufacturers for spare parts that are quite cheap.


Frankly speaking, you won’t be much happy after you see the camera of Walkera Rodeo 110 and its performance. The reason behind it is that the manufacturers have focused on making it lighter so better cameras might have ruined the whole cause.
However, you can still record high quality videos and take better pictures of objects that are at a close range. It means, you need to go quite close to an object to take an HD image. In case there isn’t much distortion and wind outdoors, you can take Walkera Rodeo 110 out too to get some really good natural photos of landscape around your home.

The drone is equipped with a 600 TVL camera which can be adjusted at any angle in between 0 and 45. You can adjust the camera in any way you wish according to the conditions as well as the speed you wish to move. Faster speeds might make the image less detailed while a slow and stable flight will give you a plenty of HD images.

Besides this, Walkera Rodeo 110 is equipped with a foresight light too that will allow you to take HD images even at night.


Walkera Rodeo 110 is equipped with an 850mAh battery that is efficient enough to allow about 6 minutes of flight time with no payload and in normal temperatures. The drone in manufactured in a way that it provides maximum efficiency and collaborates well with the battery’s power to keep the drone up in the sky for long enough. You won’t find such battery times in drones of similar battery power and size.

Another point of concern is that the flight time of Walkera Rodeo 110 can easily be reduced by various factors. It can be anything such as severe temperatures, strong winds or the flyer’s style of flying that can reduce the flight time significantly. It is always advised that you choose the normal conditions while flying outdoors. For indoors, you are good to go anytime you wish!


Walkera Rodeo 110 is very famous among hobbyists for its powerful motors. Due to their light weight and efficient build, these motors perform at tweaked rates indoors. Although they might seem a lot small, the performance they give makes them highly cost-effective keeping in view their prices.

There is something that Walkera Rodeo 110 has which you won’t find in any other drones of any quality or build. Due to powerful efficient motors and a very light body, Rodeo 110 can be very good with the reflexes. At any point in flying, you can turn around or do any move to the extent of air acrobatics even.


If you are a hobbyist and are much interested in using a drone for pleasure than competitive racing, Walkera Rodeo 110 is the on for you. It is also highly recommended if you wish to buy a drone that you can practice with at high speed for reflexes. It can really help you a lot with it to make you a better racer for drone races at pro level.



Goolsky MJX Bug 6 | Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done RightIf you are a beginner, Goolsky Bugs 6 is the drone that is most appropriate for you. It isn’t that costly as many of the other drones in the market, nor is it that feature enriched as them. It is just the drone at the entry-level in FPV drone racing that you can buy and enjoy yourself. If you aren’t looking for premium gear and wish to just know drone racing a bit as a hobby, Goolsky Bugs 6 is what you need to buy.

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Goolsky Bugs 6 is all plastic with a fuselage cover that protects the sensitive electronic equipment, so it means you can’t expect it to rough out nasty blows while flying. Another noticeable feature is the fuselage cover which was originally meant to protect the electronic components from damage by collisions, gives way quite easily while doing so. During a hard crash landing or collision with any obstacle, it might come off and your electronics can be prone to severe damage. For this reason, make sure you seal the ends of it to make it stay at one place.


One thing that makes Goolsky Bugs 6 quite unique is its transmitter which is one of the best ones in the market of FPV racing drones. It is a 2-way transmitter that supports 4 channels of signals over a range of 300m which is quite great. What makes it so great is the fact that it can be used even at extremely low voltages and so it has the ability to detect very low signals too. It also has an alert system in this regard which starts beeping at low voltage or low signal quality.

The only issue you might face with the Goolsky Bugs 6 transmitters is that they are very minimal in their style. There isn’t much of pomp and show stuff in it which makes it very cost effective. The batteries aren’t the Li Po ones but are traditional 4 AA batteries which are prone to get oxidized over a period of time, so you should take care of that too.


As already discussed, Goolsky Bugs 6 is a drone meant for beginners, so it necessarily doesn’t need some high power in terms of battery. This is the sole reason why the manufacturers have installed a 7.4V 2S battery rather than high power batteries of 3S or 4S kind. It just gives the drone enough power to let the users enjoy the thrill they wish to while flying drones.

Despite the fact that the battery isn’t that powerful, it is efficient enough to give Goolsky Bugs 6 the right amount of propel that it needs to fly stably against strong winds.


Goolsky Bugs 6 has a wonderful camera even much better than many of the high-end flagship drones. It is a C5830 FPV camera equipped with a 5.8GHz transmitter which sends really powerful signals and receives video transmissions over long ranges too. There isn’t a choice of setting the angle as per your wish, but Goolsky Bugs 6 has three preset tilt positions to help you a little with it.

As already discussed, Bugs 6 is meant to be a drone for beginners, so it can’t help you with pro features and performances. It operates under 300m which is a decent distance for novice racers while professional racers might find it a little less.

In terms of video recording or taking HD images, this camera is very efficient thanks to it wide-angle lens that works with the tilt features to take HD images and record videos of quality up to 720P even.


In terms of flight performance, Goolsky Bugs is just as good as any other FPV drone in its category. It has two speed presets named as high and low which gives the racer control over its flying. It isn’t as good as the big giants but for beginners, it gives a decent amount of speed supported with adequate power to keep itself up in windy conditions for long enough.

It is clearly meant to be an FPV drone for beginners so there aren’t any advanced piloting features such as acro-mode or a USB port in the controller. It is basic and highly recommended for those who have just started out in FPV racing.


If you are up to discover the realms of FPV racing, Goolsky Bugs 6 is definitely for you. It seems basic but is fast enough to let you enjoy a thrill in flying. You can’t expect to win the races with it, but more and more time with it will urge you to fly more. There isn’t an issue of maintenance or assembling so it is an all-round package for a beginner.



Blade Mach 25 | Best Racing Drones | Reviews Done RightAn unusual design and a wonderful graphic appeal is what makes Blade Mach 25 simply irresistible for FPV racers that like such designs. There are many such racers that I know who have just bought it and then tweaked it to make it a professional drone. It is feature enriched and is designed to be drone for those who can pay well for style only.

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Blade Mach 25 is simply a big WOW in terms of design with a core body of just 250mm made up of polycarbonate that not only adds up to the strength of the body, but also makes it a stylish and graphically enriched drone.

The polymer used in its manufacture is strong enough to be shock resistant and is reported to work quite well even when crashed against really hard surfaces. Unlike the hoods of other drones that are likely to come off during events of collision, Blade Mach 25 has a hood that never gives way. In short, it is quite a sturdy drone that is strong enough to bear some hard hits.


Blade Mach 25 is equipped with a 3S 1350mAh Li Po battery which gives quite a nice amount of power to keep the drone up for about 6 minutes in optimal conditions. In cases where there is very strong wind blowing or the temperature has fluctuated considerably, you might feel some changes in the flight time.

In terms of battery, Blade Mach 25 has a long lasting 30C battery that has absolutely no chance to be oxidized over time. It is long lasting and even at low voltage provides sufficient power for your drone to manage a decent landing. This is a big plus point as you won’t expect your drone to fall in middle of nowhere when maxed out of power.


Blade Mach 25 is supported with 2300KV Brushless motors that are absolutely beasts. The power they provide alongside an integrated Power Distribution system, makes Blade Mach 25 a must have drone for those who like to fly regardless of opposition. It is capable to stand subsequent amount of wind, so you won’t have much issues while flying outdoors. One thing that you need to know about Blade Mach 25 is that it has a cloverleaf antenna if just 25 mW which won’t allow you to control your drone through obstacles. It is recommended that you fly in open spaces only as you will get a maximum range over there.


Camera isn’t something Blade Mach 25 can boast of as it has quite a nominal camera which isn’t very suitable for taking images of really high quality. It is more of a racing drone that stays in your sight to help you in flight than the one which goes over obstacles to help you enjoy FPV racing at its best. Not only this, you won’t get a transmitter with the drone in the package, so it is better that you go for flying it in open spaces using a compatible drone control transmitter.


If you are a beginner in drone racing and are on a tight budget, you should definitely go for Blade Mach 25 which can reach quite good speeds and has the ability to be acrobatic in the air. If you are looking for more serious features to gain on your racing competitors, this isn’t what you will really like.



As I always say, I don’t know what you want from a racing drone. Every drone is reviewed, and I can assure you that these are the best ones according to various needs. What you need to do is that go through the reviews and see which suits your needs better.

Do let me know if this article helped you, comment below !


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