Best Smart Backpacks Under Budget For Travelers


In a world where everything being manufactured in considered to be smart and green by the manufacturers, it is really difficult to find a backpack that is actually smart. For a seller, it might be defined as an amount of money, but for a trekker, it means a must have item more like a companion. In the worst possible scenarios and the best cases, there is only one thing that you will have with you and that will be your backpack.

For this reason, you should have the best smart backpack in the market.

Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right
They aren’t quite showy, but they do offer a lot! Mostly, they are integrated with luxuries such as solar powered batteries and charge booths to make you enjoy the feel of home even in the Savannahs of Africa. They aren’t just a pack of fancy technological stuff, they mean more like a brain to the traveler which keeps them alive for much longer than they would have without it.

I am not talking about the best smart backpacks for travelers only. As a freelancer, I feel forever in debt to my backpack for saving my laptop across such long years. It keeps it safe as well as charged so that I can do what I wish!


What you have in the best smart backpack?

Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

If you have the right and smart backpack for yourself on board or you wish to have such one, there are some common features that you will definitely enjoy. Of course, this is not the limit as more customization depends upon your needs and requirements after all.

  • Built-in battery pack
  • Solar panels powering batteries
  • Space to store charging and headphone cords
  •  USB charging port
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Power supply
  • Choice to hang over the shoulder or on one side.

How to Choose the Perfect Smart Backpack for You 

This isn’t such an easy task to do. Choosing the best backpack for everyone might not be feasible as everyone has separate needs and a backpack won’t work for all the interested buyers. This is the sole reason why we have written smart backpack reviews for you. However first you need to specify what you expect from your backpack under the following heads.

Smart means it should be able to carry as much as possible without letting you get tired or uneasy due to excessive load.  Whenever you wish to buy a backpack, you need to look for the inner capacity in the first place. Also, you need to analyze the size and measurements of the bag as how long or wide an object it can store. In the wild, it can be just anything so go for the maximum in this case. There is another factor that people generally overlook while talking about backpacks. It is the core strength of the material used in the backpack. How strong it is and how much weight it can sustain without giving way.

If you are planning a great journey, make sure you have the right backpack to accompany you in it.

As a traveler, I would never ever overlook this factor. You might be thinking what it has to do with a backpack being the right one or not. It has everything to do with it. A poorly sewed backpack will just give you a lot of headache as you would be required to carry it too with all other belongings in hand in case it falls apart. It can get torn very easily and you will be in the middle of nowhere with a lot of stuff to carry in your hands.

That’s when things start getting messy.

I always wondered why a backpack has so many hooks. Also, why it necessarily needs to have extensive hanging ropes with it while small ones could have worked perfectly well. The answer is for the sake of safety.

Especially if you are a traveler that likes going out and enjoy the wilderness, make sure you buy a backpack with a lot of hooks and places where it can be hung or tied to. This will help you keep your belongings safe even in the worst conditions.

Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

While these factors are just a few to remember from a huge list, you can develop your own too that you want to have in your backpack according to what suits your needs the most.

Best smart backpacks product reviews

So far, we have already discussed what the best smart backpack looks like and how you can buy the one that suits your needs the most. So now let’s move on to the list of backpacks I have prepared for you and their detailed product reviews to help you select the backpack you wish to buy for travelling or whatever purpose you wish.

  1. Tylt Energi Pro: A backpack with a battery !

    Tylt Energi Pro | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

So here are we with the first backpack and its review. Do you know why I have placed Tylt Energi Pro in the top of the list?
There isn’t a single reason for that but rather there are three of them.

The first being is its hardware that makes it a perfect choice for any dweller of the badlands!

The second being is its comfy yet very useful features that make it simply irresistible.

And last but of course the most important one is its battery, Yes, a high power 20,100mAh battery that you can take anywhere!
Lets break down all these one by one!


As we have already discussed, hardware and the physical build of a backpack is as important for the traveler as you can say the beauty of a girl for a boy! Ahahah I guess I have taken an example that might set you on but that’s the fact. Tylt Energi Pro has the right quality and also the quantity of hardware a backpack should have to make it worthwhile for a traveler.
A 19.5 inches tall backpack that is 13 inches deep and just the same wide, you might be thinking why such a huge size? You can’t even tuck it behind you!
But there is a very genuine reason behind it. It gives you a huge amount of space for you to work out with. It has a vast horizontal area that lets you store anything as big as anything you wish to carry but not use all the time. It is further divided into 2 compartments to make sure you don’t forget where have you put what!

Worried about the laptop?
Don’t worry as it has a space for a laptop as big as 15 inches screen size that is securely padded to keep it safe from any shocks or dentures. You also get a mesh enclosed compartment to store anything you wish!

Comfortable and reliable backpack:
I don’t know what you like your backpacks to have but I have some very straight forward and basic requirements for my choice for a backpack. I just make sure that I buy the one which offers me a number of places to store my stuff without forgetting what is where. This is exactly as Tylt Energi Pro which has the most well sorted and logical allocation of spaces.

It isn’t much difficult to find anything that you have kept there since a long time as the space will tell you what can be in it and what can’t! It is comfortable as well as reliable to be the best backpack for travelers.

Tylt Energi Pro | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

Battery: This is the what makes Tylt Energi Pro far better than any other backpack in the market. It has a self-equipped 20,100mAh battery that can power anything from your smartphones, walkies, tablets, cameras or even laptops. It has been installed with a 2 USB ports, one of which is featured with Quick Charge 3.0, enabling fast charging of any device.

The integration of the bag and battery doesn’t make it a bad choice as the battery can safely concealed in a side pocket with all its wirings too.



  • Built-in powerful battery with Quick Charge 3.0
  • High Quality of craftsmanship and sustainable material
  • Intelligent distribution into compartments
  • A big size for big trips!



  • Too big for individuals
  • Not worth to buy if you don’t need the battery.


  1. Lifepack Solarpowered Backpack: Durable and Smart

Since the time I have been travelling, I have heard of Lifepack Backpack to be a product for the elite and perfectionists that always want to have the best for themselves. I used to think what makes it so great but never thought of writing about it or buying it even.

Now once I was Lifepack Backpack by my buddy, I couldn’t stop for even a second to introduce this gem for a traveler to you!

So, let’s just dive into Lifepack Backpack itself!


Solarbank-Easy and smart power:
A smart backpack needs to be smart in all aspects and that includes power too. Lifepack Backpack is not only able to charge as many as 6 smartphones, it also offers you of almost 100 hours of endless entertainment by having a built-in Bluetooth speaker.
You might be thinking that such features are common in all the backpacks so what makes it smart?
What if I tell you that you can even charge the solar bank itself under the direct rays of sun? It would definitely convince you of the smartness of the product itself.

Even you don’t need to have a clear day to charge the Solarbank. You can do so in clouds too, so Lifepack Backpack definitely has your back in your power issues! 

Lifepack Backpack is not only very smart in terms of its technological aspect, it is smart enough to puzzle the thieves even with majority of its hidden side pockets and a combination lock you can’t find.

It is just double trouble for the thieves as first they need to fine where the lock is and then try their best to get the right combination which will give you enough time to catch them red handed! Also, the hidden pockets are hidden very neatly under the straps to make Lifepack Backpack the best smart backpack for you if you have valuables to carry while you travel.

Lifepack Solarpowered Backpack | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

Highly comfortable and useful:
The backpack is all about comfort in the long run. You will definitely want to make sure that the use of backpack for long hours of travel is comfy for you. In case of comfort, you won’t have issues as Lifepack Backpack is masterly divided into various compartments where each of them is allocated for separate objects. This is why you won’t see corners of your belongings poking you in your back while you carry it. Besides, it makes finding your items easy too!



  • Anti-theft mechanism to keep your belongings safe
  • Solar charging on the go
  • A backpack that stays for a long time



  • Expensive if you don’t want the solar power
  • Thieves know the antitheft mechanisms


  1. The Ghostek NRG backpack: Use it as you wish !

    Ghostek NRG Backpack | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

This is by far one of the most stylish, minimal and yet most effective smart backpacks I have ever seen. It has a battery installed into it just as any other backpack for travelers, but it isn’t as big as many of the other giants.

In terms of adaptation to the requirements of the user, Ghostek NRG is very much likely to be called as a smart backpack for all as it can be used as a traveler’s bag, a laptop bag, a bag for university, an office bag or what not!

So, let’s dive into what makes Ghostek NRG so great!


Design – Very Well Designed:
Ghostek NRG is a really handsome bag and if you are someone who might falls for looks, I guess you will end up buying it in no time.

It is further divided into two compartments while the front one for all the tech stuff such as gadgets and chargers for them while the rear one can hold anything from your clothes if you are a nomadic kinda guy to your laptop if you are an office employee. You might be thinking what a battery has to do in a place such as office, so don’t worry as you can just zip it off from the very front!

There is something that is an addition in the Ghostek NRG backpack in comparison to many of the other smart backpacks in the market. It is water resistant in its own self and also has an extra flap that covers the laptop compartment thus making it impossible for water to reach your laptop. Not even a drop of it!

This kind of protection gives Ghostek NRG backpack a big edge over other backpacks that usually give off in the rain.

Ghostek NRG Backpack | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

Functionality –No Wires Anymore!
Ghostek NRG backpack has a battery that possesses a charge of up to 7000mAh which is just the same as a 2.1 Amp charger that you use to charge you mobile and apple devices at home. However, it isn’t that an amount to give you a “Quick Charge 3.0” kind of service.

This is the reason why this battery in Ghostek NRG backpack is only recommended to charge your smartphones and gadgets with less power. Except that, all the connections have been made by default and you get an external USB port too just in case you want to charge anything without opening the bag itself. Once you are done with the charging of the battery, you can recharge it from any water resistant electric source and can get on with your work again.



  • A versatile backpack that can be used anywhere
  • Extra protection to keep electronic gadgets safe
  • Well built wire mechanism for easy charge



  • Not big enough in size for long tours
  • The battery isn’t as powerful to charge fast.


  1. Oscaurt Travel: Slim and anti-theft backpack

    Oscaurt | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

If you are interested in buying backpacks that aren’t bulky in sizes and have a slim look, Oscaurt Travel Backpack is the one you should definitely take a look at. It has a slim design with multiple compartments thus allowing you to store as many of your belongings as you wish.

So, without further ado, let’s see what Oscaurt Travel Backpack has for us!


Versatile and cheap:
Oscaurt Travel Backpack is very distinct among other smart backpacks of the same category due to some very striking features and that too in a price that is considerably lesser than you would have expected it to have. It isn’t that expensive that you need to upset your budget by buying it.

And in such a low price, it can be a versatile smart backpack that allows you to use it in any way you wish. You can even opt between the three colors the manufacturers are offering you; gray, black, and dark gray. Sorry as there aren’t other colors available yet.

Secure yet durable:
In terms of physical aspects of Oscaurt Travel Backpack, you don’t need to worry about it much. It is very durable and has a thick PVC coat that gives it an extra protective layer. This ensures that your belongings aren’t soaked in water nor do you get to buy a new one as it would never get torn in the worst circumstances.
This durability comes with high security as well since the bag features straps and Velcro which makes sure that it stays on your shoulder. You can just carry it around to anywhere you wish. The zipper that opens the main compartment is hidden under the straps so before some pickpocket realizes it, you would have caught him red-handed.

Oscaurt | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

The PowerBank:
Oscaurt Travel Backpack is actually a power bank on the move. It doesn’t contain a battery of its own as many other smart backpacks for travelers have, but it has a nice USB cord that has an external opening and an internal connection as well inside the bag. You just need to connect a power bank in the inside and then you can connect the smartphone or whatever device you are using on the outside to use it while you move around.



  • It is very cheap yet very sturdy in build.
  • Has strong straps that cover the main partition from thieves.
  • You don’t have to pay for the battery if you don’t need it.



  • If you are fond of a built-in battery, it isn’t there.
  • Can’t carry a lot of load; Less space.


  1. Eceen Smart Backpack

    Eceen Smart Backpack | Best Smart Backpacks: Top 5 Backpacks Under Budget | Reviews Done Right

ECEEN Smart backpack is one of the flagship backpacks for travelers that wish to go on hiking and trekking tours. The reason why it is different from various other smart backpacks is the fact that it possesses a solar charger that keeps the batteries charged whenever you get low.

Let’s see what else ECEEN Smart backpack has for us!


Battery with solar charger:
ECEEN Smart backpack comes with a built-in and powerful 2000mAh Li-polymer battery that is waterproof too. Just in case you get very low on battery, all you have to do is to place the charger on the outwards of your backpack and it will get charged itself with whatever energy coming from the sun. The battery is sufficiently powerful to charge smartphones, MP3 players, speakers and even a GPS system too. However, it lacks the fast charging port which one or two of the best smart backpacks do have.

LED Light design:
ECEEN Smart backpack has something that you won’t find in any other of the smart backpacks in the market. It is equipped with an LED light that you can use as a source of light at night or in places that are generally dark. You can also switch it to use it as an SOS light just in case you have occurred an emergency and need to attract attention. You can even toggle between high brightness, lo brightness and the SOS mode according to your needs.

High-end Craftsmanship:
ECEEN Smart backpack is a really high-quality backpack for travelers just in case you are looking for something cheap and on budget with quality too. It has one of the finest material used in its making and the stitching has all been done on automated plants with quality control measures. This means it is a backpack that won’t get off your back for a very very long time!



  • LED light that can be used for multiple reasons.
  • Solar charged battery to charge on the go
  • Well stitched ends making it durable and long lasting



  • Expensive due to solar charged battery
  • Most features aren’t used by layman


If you wanted to know the best smart backpack for yourself after reading it, I know you are still in confusion because I haven’t termed any as best yet. However, these are all the backpacks I would recommend to travelers as the needs and requirements can vary for all.

Happy Buying from ReviewsDoneRight !


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