Best Wireless Earbuds 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Wireless earbuds may be nice and easy for you if you listen to music during workout. They might be helpful for you when you are on work and you cannot hold the hands-free in your hands. At this time, you need something which can be helpful for you rather to hold the wire in your busy hands. In these cases, earbuds play an important role to help you out in order to listening your desire voice, music or calls etc.

When it comes to buying top rated wireless earbuds, the experience is a little different than purchasing wired headphones for you and thus all the experience might change your actual attitude about this.

When you are on the way to buy a decent wireless headphone you don’t need to consider some basis requirement as they can be a very resourceful for you to decide some better headphones for you. The size of drivers should also be considered in order to maintain the focus on such earbuds.

There are also some other important things about earbuds which you should have to know. I have listed those points below for you which will surely help you in the upcoming buyer’s guide later. Read them one by one and ask yourself is it right for you or not.

Weight (oz):

This is a common sense that you might have to consider about the weight of the product which you are going to choose for buy or just for checking. This can help you to choose the better product for you because there are many people who select those earbuds which has an ideal weight.

Moreover, they need such device or products which is easy to hold and easy to pick without no actual difficulty at all. So, in this way; weight is important before adopting any earbud.

Wireless range (feet):

Range between the earbuds and targeted device is the second most important factor which should be adopt by many users in order to make a sense of better results provided by the earbuds and its maker as well.

A high quality in range will be an awesome view for you to have some extra listening capability in order to make something extra and better with such earbuds. That’s the main reason that such earbuds having better range might be better than other which have low range.

Shape and look:

Shape and look is not so important but there are some people who still prefer such materials in their earbuds which they are going to have theirs. So this could be a factor in such devices that you must have to considered these too.

Shape and look might be a great idea for you as by this you can love the product you owned and thus you can care about them with some extra functionality that you deserve along with such earbuds.

Battery life (hour):

Last but not least, a battery life time in hour is also considered as the factor of any good earbud to buy. But there are many cons which are also a part of this term. These can be a higher battery lifetime with low wireless range, so it should be considered that you need those earbuds which have some good standing in the battery life as they are the best means to use these items.


  1. Jaybird x3 Sport – Best Sports Headphones

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

Jaybird is a company who is providing some extra feature holder headphones to the world with better result and extra fast delivery. They are always considering on the quality and they have proved that they are one of the best sellers who deserve to sale such products in all over the world.

They are extra fast delivery team with handsome pricier company who only sell such products which has some demand in the real market.

The X-series is the damn awesome as there are a lot of functions have been added in such product as there are a lot of functions which need some extra fast product from them. These are the reasons; they are calling top rated wireless earbuds just because they deserve this name.

This earbud is design in such way that this earbud has an amazing look and design as small as possible without leaving the performance and its look.

That’s the main reason why this X3 headphones paste its quality name over the world.

A mini shaper and a perfect looking design will automatically engage others toward itself as there are some reasons which I have define here earlier. Making a sense-by-sense to read such functionalities can be a better choice for you to have some extra and best ever universal fit design wireless earbuds.

Such earbuds have the capacity to allow its users that they can easily make their day with a little bit more perfection.

There is X1, X2 and X3 series and many people are wondering about this fact. Also they get confuse related to this but there is not a big difference between this all. All the series is different from one another but not a lot of difference can be seen in between them.

Having such types of top rated wireless earbuds can be an awesome view to all those who really know about this earbuds.

A universal secure fit device that engage you with the model of best ever result of such device which you need during the listening of such materials which is difficult to listen without having such item.

One good thing about these wireless earbuds is that they are sweat proof, means; the design is sleek yet rugged and awesome look with the X3 headphones quality for the best ever results for sports. They can also be used during the workout and save their precious time by doing such activities.

The earphones also provide the noise cancellation. However this may be a safety concern for those who are runners as this will give them a best ever result by doing so and make a proper headphone environment which they really need they have. Also, you can get the noise carrying pouch with this earbuds.

In short, overall; this is a wonderful wireless earphone. The sound is also too good and it is very easy to carry.

If you are a runner and want to listen to music or audio without the hassle of wires, the Jaybird X3 is great for you.



  • Great sound for small size music lover
  • Long life and impressive battery life
  • Earphones come with carrying pouch and case
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Awesome design and slim body



  • The earphone might be not good as you read out here the description
  • Not good to use in heavy traffic roads for long time


  1. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

Next up, we have another better way to describe another best earphone for you which you might have to adopt when there is a talk related to top rated wireless earbuds.

On our website, we promise to review about those products having some following and they are all the better items in front of other irrelevant wireless earbuds. All are high-end stuff materials earphones and they have best experience to express it to others.

So we decided to write about the budget friendly SENSO Bluetooth Headphones. All you need is real and complete information about this earbuds, right?

Alright, here; I will provide you every possible and complete package of information related to the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones for you or anyone like you who want to try this.

The good thing about these earphones is that they are low cost. The aim of their low cost does not mean that they are just a bad thing and low quality products. The main aim for such offer is that they are doing well by providing such great earphones in standard to low cost with product quality maintenance also included.

A combination of black and red stylish earbuds can give you an attractive view to look on these earphones at once with the full power of having such habits which acquire to take these earphones.

The headphones come with a pure nice carrying bag and you can get up to three different types of size. The meaning of these three sizes is, that you do not need to set the clips of earphones every time you used.

Just open your dream box and use the best earphones for your music, audio and also for the sake of callings. The design is made in such a way that you can easily grab these earphones with one hand and use anywhere and anytime without any negotiate the matter of voice resistance. All things are clearly cut and quality-friendly.

These earbuds are top in ranking by just a reason, a better style and user-friendly environment which you need in any earphone.

There is an issue which occurs to almost everyone when they want to listen the music and that issue is the fitness of earphones in their ears. Sounds irritated?

But, now; no need to worry more about this as there is soft textured flexible ear clips on both sides to make it easier for fit in your ears and you listen your music and calls easily without hesitation and any issue related to the sound as well.

This is unusual that SENSO provide a small car charger for wireless earphones but many companies adopt this trend in the past and till they are also doing the same.

The only two things are on the consideration and they are quality and overall performance of these earphones and earbuds. And I am glad in telling you that these earbuds have the capacity to cover these both section. They are best in quality and performance as the sound of these is damn awesome which has been tested ever before.

The IPX7 rating tool is awesome about this earbuds. The main purpose of this rating tool is that you shouldn’t have to worry about wearing them in high-intensity workouts.

This thing can give you a proper framework of its feature and quality in a better and proper way.

This earbud has an excellent noise cancellation effect and the device is Hi-Fi capable, IPx7 certified which is a sign of great news for those who are tense about the quality of this earphone. Senso has done a really good job when it comes to the quality.

No major issue has been cleared in past about this product and this is the best earphones in my view after reading many such abilities which this device owned such as quality sounds, long life and carrying materials.



  • Perfect sound in the price you pay for it.
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Having IPX7 rating
  • Hi-Fi audio files and quality improving
  • Noise cancellation ability inside



  • The earpieces are bit too big as some of you might not liking this


  1. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

We are talking about something for the Boss Company and this company has made the best step in all over the sounds companies. This is one of few that are known as the giant of sounds and audio vision in front of many other sounds companies and departments of sound device makers.

One of the best premium devices which can give you a real example of top rated wireless earbuds. This earbud has an effect on sound cancellation and they provide a best way to make sure that you are using the best earphone device among any other in the list.

As the name suggestion, these earphones are for those who are working outside and listening to music. Keep it in mind that these earphones are expensive but the price is reasonable as they are from the Boss.

Boss is everywhere when it comes to the talk about the best quality of sounds and music which the listeners want to have with them anytime they want to listen such stuff.

SoundSport is available in two colors range. You can get them in black or aqua color according to your color selection and interest. Whatever you choose the color, quality never goes anywhere.

A great thing about these earphones is they are comfortable in the making of arrangement during wearing of such earphones which deserve a better place and an award for the delivery of such an amazing quality in all over the world. Another good thing about these earbuds can manage the work of headset. Means this could also be used for making calls.

The battery life is also awesome and having long life which is a positive sign for those who are really in the need of such earphones which need less time to charge and play for long last as they are in home for a very short period of time.

6 hours of battery timing can make you happy if this earphone is yours and if you need such earbuds, you can have these too.

You should know that no earphones are best in all the ways. There are a very points on which we can say that this is good for you or not and which one will suit on your ears. The only issue you might face is the ear-tips end up protruding out of the ears. While this won’t be an issue for you, this thing is just getting old now.

If you are okay with all the detailed information above, this is for you and these earbuds will be awesome for your music and ears too.



  • Exclusively premium stuff and quality
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable piece
  • You can turn it on and off by self to safe battery
  • Long life battery



  • The eartips protrude from the ear and sometimes it looks so weird.


  1. HearFuse – True Wireless Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

The world of wireless audio is awesome and we are talking about the quality of such wireless earphones devices, the feature is not so far from our reach. Top rated wireless earbuds is already here and it is in our range. We just have to focus on these items and make ourself ready for these wireless devices.

After the making of such wireless headphones by the Apple, there are many other companies who did the same and try to maintain the quality of these devices. They also try to make these perfect to maintain the aim of their wireless earbuds stuff. There are many earbuds which we have named the tinniest earbuds in market but the most common and best are HearFuse.  They may be the smallest earbuds in today time which have been seen ever.

A Bluetooth 4.2 holder earbuds is on the way and this is the better way to choose such wireless earbuds which have good condition of Bluetooth. It is just because for the better quality of sound and music you want to listen in your own taste.

Also, they offer sweat free and sweat-proof design of these earbuds which means your earbuds won’t be damage too much during the workout from these earbuds.

From the core of latest Bluetooth technology, these earbuds have battery life of up to 5 hours of music playback and 120 hours of standby which means a quality work with the latest technology offer for getting a better earbuds than any of other one.

Overall, the HearFuse wireless earbuds are decent and awesome. They have good quality and a best reward for those who love to play music and make calls with the wireless earbuds. This one is for those who really love small but very awesome earbuds.

You can also connect these earbuds with the USB by using a proprietary connector and this is odd. If you have any plan and you are okay with these earbuds, then HearFuse True Wireless earbuds are worth for you.



  • Decent sound with the small size and design.
  • Sweat-proof design.
  • True wireless style and design for better grip to ear.
  • 2 people can use these wireless earphones at the same time without any hesitation.



  • Proprietary charging port is bugging and might be a bad effect for you.
  • Battery life is not enough for some people


  1. Nasion.V Bluetooth Headphones

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

When it comes to the relief headphones which can help you in making of a good environment during the music, Nasion.V is the best company which can cover this hole in almost every step. A very smart and handsome looking wireless headphone for you is here.

SoundPEATS is a new company in the market and in the start, this gave many people their dream items what they are looking for the best. The first good thing about this earbuds company is that it provides quality headphones in lower price without nay negotiation of quality and performance.

Q29 Bluetooth earbuds is smaller than AirPods. Basically, they are specially made for the indoor use as they are not capable to use in the traffic or for the outdoor purposes. One more thing about this earbuds is that you can use them for several hours in to your ears and you won’t feel hurt and pain in your ears even you use them for more than 2 hours.

It is not recommended to use these earbuds in sports purposes. However, you can use them for the better way of making your music theory a lot better with the term and services of this earbuds.

This earbuds has two pieces which can be used by some other person you want to share it with, meaning the other person also enjoy the best music and other entertainment related stuff with the best stuff you owned.

Considering the size is pretty small so the battery life is also happens to be low and this might be a fact that small size devices have low battery life. The 2 to 3-hour of battery timing is impressive for you.

Comfort is also there that these earphones provide us when there is any talk related to the relief quality and impressive performance about such earbuds.

The SoundPEATS Bluetooth headphones are easy to use, having best quality and performance. Also there, its small size can make these to lose easily at any time.



  • Impressive size and quality for music and calling
  • Nicely packaging design and covering
  • Decent battery life



  • Small size can make these earbuds to lose easily
  • Not suitable to use for sports and outdoor purposes


  1. Anker SoundBuds Sport NB10

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

For now, we will go to look for something surprising which will make you proud and happy after reading the full description about this super awesome Anker soundbuds. Anker consider the world class and best ever companies when it comes to creating power banks and charges.

Also, they are famous as they have top rated wireless earbuds which they are selling from several years to their satisfied customers.

However when Anker decide to release the best soundbuds in the market, there are a lot of people who came to pick these best as they knew what the Anker can do when it comes to the quality work and professional design. This is famous as this company has launched many products already and most of people know them deeply just because of their quality.

Note: Keep in mind the SoundBuds NB10 is not a true wireless earphone. For those who are curious, true wireless doesn’t have any wire with them.

A perfect fit for those who are from the field of sports and spend a lot of their time in the sports activities as well as in the home playing purposes. This is best for them and this provide them a customizable FitClips and EarTips ensure a secure and confortable hold through the most extreme training which you adopt during sports.

One good thing which everyone should love and might be they are searching about this soundbuds is that it is water-resistance. This means that it is a very popular earbud which allow its users to use this even in the rainfall or in the water.

IPX5 water-resistance shell and internal nano-coating provide a layer of water protection in double mode and this way is the best way to protect these soundbuds a lot better than any other way.

A powerful sound provides you exactly the same chord of sound which is present in the real music library and this thing can make you happy if you love to play the music daily and listen to them several times.

Another best thing about this, a 4.1 Bluetooth headphones work with any Bluetooth-enable device which means you can sue this earbuds by the help of Bluetooth even in the iPhone. You can get a 6 hours timeline to sue this soundbuds and after the usage of such earbuds, you will see that you have top rated wireless earbuds.



  • Good quality sounds and sound pixels
  • Creates excellent noise cancellation service by-self
  • Utilized price tag
  • Easy to wear and use comfortably



  • Battery life may not be enough and may be not everyone like it a lot


  1. LG Tone Pro – Neckband Design Earphones

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

It’s always nice to see the quality stuff which you have to see when you have made a mood related to this and this job could be done easily and smoothly with no difficulty at all. Fortunately, LG make it easy for everyone and including the customers to watch the products, learn about them and decided should they have to go with this or not. OEM has been released for the very first time and everyone is excited to see how they work.

The Tone Pro design is based on neck view, which means the neckband will fit to your neck and the earphones will allow you to listen whatever you want to listen and this is the most important thing that you won’t get confused when you will use this as the design is so much easy to handle and comfortable to make our work smoother than ever before.

While is isn’t a true wireless earphone but it look great as all the neck hold is up to the neckband and it will handle your earphone better and protect it from being damage.

There is a pause button on the top of headset which is use when you want to play or pause the call. These buttons are fully functionalized and provide quick control of primary headset functions.

There is also another class of buttons which are named as jog buttons. These buttons are simple. These buttons controls the fluid and music with the up/down and fast classifications.

The weight is light so it will never hurt you by the overloaded and you can easily make this happens if you want to make calls and listen the audio of your favorite music gallery at any time and at anywhere. In short we can say that this is a very good item when it comes to a quality product.



  • Awesome sound quality
  • Perfect and great battery life
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable to use
  • Get a notification every time when you got any new notification.



  • The neck band kind might be a dull impression to some individuals


  1. Samsung Level U Pro – Budget friendly Neckband Design

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

LG wasn’t the only company who wanted to have their own wireless headphones in the market. Samsung think the same and after some time they did it with the perfection and smooth module they have. Samsung released their first two classy earphones which are present in the top rated wireless earbuds and they prove it to the world they can and they have done.

They launched their two most popular neckband design earbuds which got their fame in the market quickly. Level U Pro, a name of trust and perfection have decided to make a better look over the world with their work and they made a best ever technology to show the world a pretty better think about the wireless earphones.

There are a lot of things about this pair of wireless earphones, and downsides too. There are some reasons which make some people to deny these earphones as they don’t like the neckband design. They want smooth but simple design which can help them to have their own look and theme to match the other earphones such like Level U Pro.

This can be fit easily over the neck and one who want this can make sure they he / she is fit with such design which comes with the neckband design. The whole neckband is light weight and this is awesome to know that this is sweat-proof which make you happy that it won’t hurt or fired-up even you got sweat near to this earphone.

As for performance, the Samsung Level U Pro is the fittest design and perfect combination of quality and performance which can give you a better thinking to involve in such cases and they need a better look over the go through with such devices like Level u Pro. The design is awesome and quality is the best in the market.

You can use this earphone with almost every device on the Samsung galaxy devices based on your interest. All the joints and parts are flexible and they need better attention because it can be damaged if you do any hard step on these earphones which are top rated.

Last thing but not least is the noise cancellation Microphone which cancel the every bad and noise sound from our reach and stay connected us with the powerful technology that is being used in today’s time.

In all, Samsung U Pro is a decent device which can be used anywhere and you just have to look over this if you are familiar with all the things that are included in the description above. The quality is high level end and the sound quality is awesome and smooth too.



  • Decent sound quality and range.
  • Neck band is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Sweat-proof design.
  • Neck band vibration mode whenever you receive any notification.



  • Neck band, sometimes does not look pretty as pleasing.


  1. Sony Extra Bass – Sexy, Stylish and cheap

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

We have done many times about the Sony products and all of them are really awesome as compared to other headset companies. All are good in their own way, really! I am not teasing anyone else here for their products. Just to telling you that Sony have made its demand much greater than others and all of them are awesome which is made under the Sony brand.

This headset has a unique style with the actual base design which requires an awesome view for those who love to play the music on a high volume as compared to normal sound effect.

Providing a decent amount of fully awesome base to end-to-end user who is really geek in the high quality sound and the music as well.

A good thing about this device is that it has a unique and undefined battery story which can provide you the most common and at least 8 hours of battery timing at moderate volume. You can choose the volume graph of your own choice and you can make the volume level by adjusting with your own interest and habit of listening music.

Another awesome thing about this earphone is that you can add a stylish amount of base in this earphone which is built in inside this earphone. This is because there are some music lovers who love to add some extra volume of base with the music they have and for this they need some extra power base selection which is present in this headphone by default and that thing is really awesome.

The earphones are comfortable to wear and easy to use for a long period of time. Also, the light weigh won’t disturb you again and again.

Only one downside about this Sony base earphone is that this doesn’t ship with the carrying case. If you’re okay with this inconvenience, Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones is amazing in almost all other aspects.



  • Sexy slim-fit design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quality product and brand warranty
  • Nice seal pack



  • Earphones does not come with a carrying case


  1. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 – Awesome Looking earphone with Average sound

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | Reviews Done Right

Finally the last product in our list related top rated wireless earbuds. This is last but not least earbud which has an awesome style and sexy shape with the most common shape but a unique motto that is the most talented earbud in the list from A to Z.

When it comes to audio product, we have an awesome product which is Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 earphone for making your audio result much better than anything else which refers to the top of the most rated audio phones and earbuds.

The first thing about this earbuds is that the shape and style is similar to no one and the best style is on the way by the team of this earphone manufacturer. The design is so simple rather to sue the very stylish design. That means that the design is similar to the simplicity ways which can help anyone who is busy in making the world class sound effect by self.

The best thing about this earbud is that it has a long life for the battery which is a positive effect on the entire user who wants to listen the music and have some calls for long time. So this is the main and positive effect from these earbuds.

The sound of these earbuds is awesome and fantastic and can provide the basic to advance level fully base sound track for the music lover so that they can easily judge the quality of music and listen to the calls for better results and quick talk as well.

Overall the earbud is awesome and stylish but there are some downsides too of this earphone such as battery average is just not as good as other think about this. So, this could be a bad news for some people who really need this earbuds as a long way usage.

But this is amazing because of its simplicity and the simple design with the great results. An amazing offer for those who need such devices in standard rates.



  • Sweat proof design and polish style
  • Pure sounding environment
  • Nice build with extra features



  • Carrying case/charging case sold separately
  • Battery life is just average



Top Rated Wireless Earbuds – Buyer’s Guide 

Many people including you might be confused about the best and top rated wireless earbuds which you want to select for your personal use. But also, there is another big issue cerates for you in the meanwhile and you must have to choose the best of the best source to find some extra and powerful solution to solve them all with your personal matters.

To buy the very best and hot product from the market which is inn is the biggest challenge and not everyone can get the actual result in positive way.

That’s why I am writing this buyer’s guide for you. May be this could help you with the best as I am writing this same as the market trend goes on working. Read the full guide carefully and ask yourself for a better and best ever earbuds for you or for other whom you want to gifted for.


Things you should look for in Wireless Earbuds

There are some major and pin-point benefits of these earbuds, trap them one by one and find any of the best and hot product from the given product reviews list from above. Let’s have a look on all of them and find the best result after reading the all points.

Fit and Comfort

First and the most important thing that you should be noted if you are looking for the best earbud is that you must have to know about the fitness of earbuds you are looking for. If the design fits you correctly and there’s no confusion and issue that is best for you as all the thing matter in the buying process such as design with fitness property.

The design should be simple or stylish is not a matter but the comfort part is damn important for every earbud which the user wants to buy. So, the comfort and fit property is the number first priority of every buyers and you should also make it happens by viewing multiple products and their reviews in the market from the core of your heart.

Battery Life

Battery life is also a great factor which is considered the most popular and most counted factor for all the way. If the battery life is maximum and awesome, there’ll be multiple individuals who will review the product and make it happen to buy such earbuds which have good timing in battery life.

Usually some people just want to check the battery life of up to 10 hours or sometime it will be more because they want to make a better way where they can easily make the work in more way and hence they need the better battery life so that can enjoy the music from side to side and enjoy the most precious moments in their life.

In fact battery life doesn’t matter a well just because if the wireless earbuds is awesome and most rated by many users, it won’t be a priority to check the battery life of several hours. Just go for the quality and forget the ways to check the parameters such like the battery.


The technologies should be clear and most common which are all supported by the name of such ways which can easily be done by the tech narrations. While applying the buy button to any session, you must have to noticed that you have to work for the technologies session to check the better and better places so that you may have checked is the device is okay for you or not.

  • aptX: An audio codec compression which helps the users to play their audio properly because there are some places where the audio fails to play properly without any solid reason. From then this technology has been added to many wireless earbuds. So, this can help to play the audio much easier and better from ever before in past.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth should be strong in my view. I have tested much time that the Bluetooth devices become weak and sometime it can create an issue for few of you. So there should be a strong Bluetooth inside these earbuds so that we can easily make our audio progression work with the great result at all.



Over all, all the top rated wireless earbuds has been discussed in the above conversation and reviews. They have all the material which we are looking for. Better quality with the best base and stylish design is just all the thing which we need and if these all are present in any of the wireless earbuds, just go for it. Also, maintain your own interest and decide better for you.

In case you feel that we left out some other great wireless earbuds, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll appreciate you.


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