NVidia Titan V Review – Buyer’s Guide


NVIDIA has always been the one which has been leading the race towards faster better cards. Logically speaking, they made sure that their card was the best in performance. Rest they believed that price won’t matter much. NVidia TITAN V Review 2018

Actually, they were very right to say so. Almost all of the NVIDIA graphic cards have totally outclassed their competitors mainly the AMD ones.

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Just take a look at NVIDIA Titan V! It is specially designed to serve the needs of the huge boom in AI and machine learning as there was a desperate requirement of a graphic card with high processing speed and optimized delivery of graphical data.

While there may be many uses of it, you can see how it works with the cryptocurrency mining as well. If you wish to use it for gaming, I can guarantee that there won’t be anything better than this.

Let’s take a look at what it is offering you for $3000!

NVidia Titan V Review 2018 - Buyer's Guide | Reviews Done Right

Nvidia Titan V Specifications

  • Graphics Processing Clusters: 6
  •  Streaming Multiprocessors: 80
  •  CUDA Cores (single precision): 5120
  •  Base Clock (MHz): 1200 MHz
  •  Boost Clock (MHz): 1455 MHz
  •  Memory Clock: 850 MHz
  •  Memory Data Rate: 1.7 Gb/s
  •  Total Video Memory: 12 GB HBM2
  •  Total Memory Bandwidth: 652.8 GB/s

Just take a look at what a marvelous spec sheet NVIDIA has designed for Titan V! It has absolutely everything you will require in the best graphics card in 2018. Let’s take a look at what features outshine in the NVidia Titan V review done by our specialist panel.

Titan V- An energy efficient power house!

With so much to do and offer to its user, Titan V draws only 250 watts of power which is absolutely next to none. Just see how much you can use it for such low power usages.

If you take it on further, you will notice that Titan V will also be consuming a lot less energy than many of the other graphics cards. Similarly, it will give off a lot less of energy as heat which will be discussed in future.

For now, if you use it for 6 hours each day, you will be charged just around 6 dollars for it which is quite nominal. I have something for you to think on.
What if we use it as a graphic card for mining?
Rest is you to figure out!

Why is Titan V so expensive?

Many people ask me what is so special in Titan V that makes it so expensive.

Same is the case with you of course but you are looking at the specs on the surface. And you aren’t wrong in doing so as you only know it.
As far as I am concerned, I know what Titan V is actually capable of. It can bring about a revolution in any industry you wish to use it in. I can guarantee that there isn’t any other graphic card that has such all-round uses.

NVidia Titan V Review 2018 - Buyer's Guide | Reviews Done Right

If you wish to but it for cryptocurrency, it gets the best hashrates while saving the cost for expensive coolers too.
If you want it to employ it in a security system in your office, I guarantee that you won’t get a better display anywhere else.
And if you desire to add it to your gaming setup, be ready for some intense gaming experience as Titan V will be the fastest graphics card for gaming for ages to come.

What NVIDIA has to say about Titan V?

Nvidia says this card “transforms the PC into an AI supercomputer.” This card has so much to offer that if I term it as a gaming graphic card, it will be an unjust statement to make.

NVIDIA vows that Titan V can transform your computer in to a next generation super computer with the best AI features at present. The Volta GPU by NVIDIA has finally entered the domain of PCs and has set the mark very high for its competitors.

NVidia Titan V Review 2018 - Buyer's Guide | Reviews Done Right

NVIDIA GPU Cloud; What you can make from it?

NVIDIA GPU Cloud is a platform by NVIDIA where you can just create anything you wish in the field of AI, deep learning and Machine learning. It offers NVIDIA-optimized deep learning software, third-party managed HPC applications, NVIDIA HPC visualization tools, and partner applications for its users to get the best AI systems they ever wanted to.

And guess what, with Titan V, you can get a free access to NVIDIA GPU Cloud too! In short, there is a supercomputer for you when you buy it!

What about using Titan V as a graphic card for mining?

Are you still stuck with hashrates around 30MH/s?
It’s time finally that you broaden your prospects and look for something that is really worth it.
While most of the mining graphic cards are slow in terms of mining hashrates for Ethereum, NVIDIA Titan V is the one that outclasses them all with a huge margin.

nvidia titan v review - best graphics card for mining | Reviews Done Right

It is reported to produce a hashrate of 82MH/s and that too on 250 watts only. If you are paying 12 cents for 1KW/h, it will take you about 15 months to get ROI.
And that too buy earning $200+ per month.
And what if you have more money to invest?
Soon you will be getting thousands of dollars after you get the ROI.

SO, what is the conclusion finally?

I say, go for it!

You can use it in any way you wish, and you will be happy with your investment in a few years. Even the experts are of the point that maybe it is too early for such a graphic card to enter a market as its benchmarks clearly bypass the modern-day needs.
Even after 10 years, you won’t be thinking of upgrading it. When you are talking about the Titan V, you are actually talking about what there is to come in the future!

It depends on how you get the best out of it! From my side, it is the best you can get your hands on!


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